Flutter is closed until further notice.

We hope everyone stays safe and well during this challenging time.

If you wish to book a private tour during this time please email

[email protected]


Los Angeles

Any questions please email [email protected]

Things to know before you go:

Traffic is rough, we get it! We allow a 30 minute grace period if you are running late for your ticket time. After 30 minutes your ticket will expire. We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your time slot to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Your ticket is only valid for the date and time purchased. If you miss your time slot, your ticket is unfortunately no longer valid.

Reselling of tickets is strictly prohibited.

At least ONE person's ID in your party must match the name on ONE ticket. If no one in your party has a matching ID to the name on one ticket, you will not gain access to the exhibit.

Minors the age of 10 and under will not be allowed inside without a parent or guardian.

All captured content taken by Flutter of its guests and experience is the property of Flutter. All captured content of Flutter posted publicly, by outside persons, is released to Flutter for public use.

By using this ticket and entering Flutter, the holder assumes all risk and danger incidental the exhibition experience, whether such risks occur prior to, during, or subsequent to the actual interaction in the exhibit, including specifically (but not exclusively) (i) the danger of being injured by interacting with the exhibit or other objects or projectiles, and (ii) incidents associated with crowds of people or the negligence or misconduct of other participants. The Holder further agrees that Flutter, Experiential Art Collaborative llc., TicketSpice, Born This Way Foundation, and their respective agents and players are not liable for any injuries from such causes. No resale of a ticket is permitted via the Internet or any other interactive media. Any other resale of this ticket is prohibited without the prior written consent of Flutter. This ticket must not be resold or offered for resale at a premium as prohibited by any federal, state, or local law or regulation. Any person, including the Holder, who sells or offers this ticket for resale on the premises of Flutter shall be removed from the premises and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Holder assumes all risks associated with the purchase of this ticket from anyone other than Flutter or their designated agents. Flutter is not responsible for lost, stolen, or duplicated tickets.

CANCELLATION POLICY: In the case the gallery is to close for a day and a ticket needs to be cancelled, this ticket may be exchanged at Flutter, at any time after the date of the Cancelled Day, for an individual ticket of equal or lesser face value for a future date (subject to prior sales and ticket availability). In no instance shall this ticket be exchangeable for a ticket with a face value greater than the face value of the ticket. NO CASH REFUND OR CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED AND THIS TICKET MAY NOT BE APPLIED TO ANY ACCOUNT BALANCE. This policy may be amended at any time without notice.

ENTRY GUIDELINES: No hard coolers. No glass bottles or open beverage containers regardless of contents. No alcoholic beverages of any kind. Plastic bottles less than one liter with factory seal intact are permitted.

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